If I am not happy with the quality of my trainer, can I contact the you?
Unfortunately, the Register makes no warranties about the quality of any of the training services advertised on this site. We do not recommend any one trainer over another and the only guarantee that we can make is that where we say a trainer is qualified or registered, they have the appropriate qualifications. If you are unhappy with the services of any individual trainer, we would suggest that you speak with that trainer directly. Of course, you are also welcome to leave an RPT review for that trainer.
Can I use the RPT letters after my name?
Only those personal trainers with a platinum account and who have had their qualification status verified by our approvals team may use our RPT credentials after their name. Trainers that have been verified will carry the 'verified RPT badge' on their profile.

To verify your qualification status first of all create your RPT account and ensure that you select the platinum membership. You can then send copies of your personal trainer certificates to verifications@rpt.co.uk
How does the review system function?
As a personal trainer, you can collect reviews from your clients by directing them to your RPT profile. This will showcase the quality of your training services to those who may be interested in them. clients will need to create an account and verify that they are indeed a real person by way of email before they can leave a review. There is no charge to your clients though. The more high quality reviews you collect, the higher up the search rankings within the RPT site you will feature.
I'm a personal trainer and I want to be listed - how do I do this?
If you are a personal trainer and you want to get listed on the register, select the Trainer Area button in the head of the site and select the Personal Trainer Prices and Packages link (also in the header) or situated just below the sign-in box. From here, you can select the level of membership you want and create your account.

Be sure to complete all of the fields on the sign-up form and make sure that you take the time to customise your profile, uploading your imagery, website and social media links.
What is the Register of Personal Trainers
The Register of Personal Trainers (RPT) is an independent directory of UK-based personal trainers. How RPT differs from most other directories of this nature is that we independently verify the qualification status of all of our featured trainers to provide users of the site with confidence that they are connecting with qualified industry professionals.
I would like to advertise on your site, can i do this?
We have a small network of 'elite' partners who we work with on promotional activities. We do however try to keep the volume of advertisements on the site to an absolute minimum so that the average site users experience is not compromised. In most cases, we o decline offers to advertise on our site.
I've emailed one of your trainers but they havent replied, what should I do?
All of the trainers listed on the Register represent themselves and as such we have no influence on how they conduct their business affairs. If you've contacted a trainer and they have failed to respond within a reasonable timeframe, we would suggest connecting with another trainer in your area.
The contents of one of the profiles is rude or offensive, what should I do?
If you notice anything on the RPT that is rude, offensive or illegal, please contact us immediately to let us know. We have very strict policies on what trainers can and cannot use the RPT site for and any violation of these policies, or our terms of use will result in immediate suspension of service. Where any illegal activity is reported, we will always report this to the relevant authorities.
Some of the trainers I want to connet with don't have reviews, what should I do?
There are a number of justifiable reasons why a personal trainer's account might not have any customer reviews. Potentially they have only just created their account and haven’t yet had chance to ask clients to visit the site and leave their feedback. Alternatively, they may have asked clients to leave feedback but they haven’t yet done so. We will always feature trainers with higher quality reviews higher up our listings/search results so it is perhaps a good idea to contact those trainers first.
Do I need to be a member of a gym to use one of your trainers?
This really depends on the type of training services offered by the trainer you use. Some of our personal trainers have their own facilities/premises and so you may be able to work with them in that environment. Some trainers work exclusively outdoors delivering boot camp style sessions. Where the training sessions will be conducted is really a matter for discussion with the individual trainer in question.
How do I pay for my training sessions?
This really is a subject that will need to be agreed between you and the trainer? The RPT does not handle any of the financial transactions that may take place between a client and a trainer and so any monies paid, or not, will need to be worked out between you and your trainer?

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